Students’ Workshops

1. Religious Rights

By: Azlin Eliane and Mae Ooi


Religious rights can be defined as the freedom to believe and follow in whichever religion we want to. This includes having the right to not be coerced or manipulated into following a blind faith. Religious freedom is one of the basic human rights every person has which has been included in Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (United Nations, 2012) This issue is globally important, especially because some religious bigots are very much able to commit all sorts of crimes in the name of religion. That is why, those equipped with the knowledge on this issue should strive to raise public awareness or the rest of the people will continue to act before thinking critically about the issue at hand first.

2. Global Warming

By: Claire Cosset and Pratiusha Menon


Global warming is part of a natural cycle. We need the Earth to be warm so that there can be life. Without global warming, the Earth will be too cold for us! However, human activity such as deforestation, mining and others are increasing the rate of global warming and amplifying its consequences. Ice glaciers in the Antarctica are melting, sea levels are rising, more and more intense storms are happening! Fortunately, there are solutions each and everyone one of us can do to prevent global warming from getting out of control. Why not start now while we still can? Come to our workshop to learn more about global warming all over the world and even in our own country, Malaysia! Find out what you can do to help and what other people think about global warming. Save our home from becoming too hot for us to handle!

3. Ocean Health

By: Mickey Harris and Izzat Zainal

Coral bleaching has always been a natural phenomenon and that fishing has always been known as a method to provide us with food for thousands of years. Though with an ever growing population coupled with the issue of global warming (also due to high populations, by the way), Small scale coral bleaching has lost its name to mass bleaching while the act of fishing has eventually found its way to overfishing. These are the issues that—as the years go by—will continue to deplete fish stocks and lead to the eventual extinction of the ocean’s “rainforest”. Currently, the ocean’s health is in decline but if we make even the smallest changes to the way we live, we just might be able to turn the dream of a sustainable world into our reality.

4. Global Democracy

By: Alex Shiew

There are more so called democracies in the world today than ever before. We will discuss the the idea of democracy and what makes fight and die for democracy. Do people really know what they are fighting for, or are they just hopping on the “democracy bandwagon”? We’ll work together to try and come up with a solution to the problems with Malaysia’s democratic system.

5. Women’s Rights

By: Abdul Hakim and David Teoh


For decades, women who have been oppressed had to fight for their rights and freedom. Over the next few years, they have been heard and not only that, women rights became one of the most important issues happening around the world. This workshop is aimed to provide you an inside look on women rights and how it began. It is important that we maintain peace in gender equality because let’s face it, women are rising up to be leaders and professionals of this world.

6. Sexuality Rights

By: Izzat Emir, Naqiudean Zainudean and Temirlan Tursynov


Have you ever wondered what it is like to wake up in the morning and worrying about your own sexuality? Most people here wouldn’t have to worry about it. Although, the minorities are still living through fear… fear of society, fear of being persecuted, fear for their own lives. Up until now, the issue of discrimination is still on-going. We are here to provide you with the latest news on homosexuality in Malaysia

Yes, this may be a sensitive and controversial topic indeed. If you are interested in attending this talk, come and join us!

7. The Forgotten People : Prisoners Of Political Injustice

By: Maryam Azraa and Aesya Nurudin


What first comes to your mind when you think of prisoners? “Crooks, criminals, they deserve to be in prison?” Well, that’s not quite the true. There are more types of prisoners than just criminals. This workshop is aimed towards raising awareness and letting the people know that there are innocent people being thrown in prison because of prejudice and self-interest. The workshop will be interactive and engaging, don’t miss out!

8. Peacekeeping

By: Xiann Goh

World peace is always thought to be impossible, let me show you how it’s possible and how we can achieve it. An in-depth study of peace and why it’s not on a global scale.


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