Mother’s Day

Hello everyone! As we all know, Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, May 13th. In conjunction with this very special day, the Hear Us Out 8 team will be selling yummy cupcakes and pretty flowers!

If you love your mothers, buy them our cupcakes or flowers! (Or buy them for yourself) 🙂

We have red velvet and chocolate cupcakes:

What’s better than celebrating Mother’s Day and supporting a good cause at the same time? 🙂

Come on down to the GROUND FLOOR of the CPU building to get those cupcakes and flowers before they all run out!



Fundraising for the conference starts today! Come to the GROUND FLOOR of the Taylor’s CPU building to buy what we have on sale. All the money collected will be donated to the respective NGOs who are attending the conference.

We will be selling :

Our very own Hear Us Out 8 t-shirts at RM 25 each.

Tickets to the conference at RM 15 each!

However, if you want to buy both the T-shirt and the ticket, the price is RM 35 so you save RM 5!

We will also be accepting donations and you can get free lollipops if you do donate! We would appreciate it very much if you guys support our conference. Thank you!

General Meeting

It has been a week since the break started and we needed a proper GM to discuss about the our next plan for the the fundraising, advertising, tickets and sponsorship team. Right now, we need to document every meeting we have. Time to get all of the advertisement done and the fundraising on. We might bombard INTI College with what’s left of the Face Posters. In the end, it’s good that we manage to have a representative from each committee to discuss with each CAL students helping their committee.


16 April 2012 —  So a week before the 23nd of April, we had a general meeting to discuss and be updated about other committee’s work. Our lecturer decided that we take the advertisement and the fundraising to the next level. The idea was to ‘occupy’ Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. At first we have decided to sell lollipops, tickets and paste informative posters around the campus but due to some difficulties and delays, we couldn’t manage to sell ticket since it hasn’t printed yet. But thanks to Mickey, a HUO8 member, he managed to buy and provide us with the lollipops for this advertising project.

23 April 2012 — The day comes and it was the time to get some advertising and fundraising done! We had arrived at the campus around 10.30 am but the project started about 11 am after discussing of our fundraising strategies. Thankfully, all HUO8 members managed to attend this project and helped each other sell lollipops. The whole member had split into 3 groups, covering the commercial block, the admin block and the classroom block. After a long hour of persuading people to buy our lollipops, we have managed to raise a total of RM350+ !!!

Special Thanks to TEDDY, David’s friend, for helping us sell lollipops!



It has been a long time since we had anything posted on this blog and we are truly sorry for the extremely long delay. The conference is not long til the day comes.

Again, there will be a lot of things that need updating. So stay tuned!