Here is a list of NGO’s who are coming and running workshops on various topics.

1. SPCA Malaysia

SPCA Selangor is an animal welfare organisation based in Ampang Jaya, Selangor. The aim of the SPCA is to protect defenseless animals and to alleviate their suffering. We receive more than 700 unwanted, homeless or abused animals every month. We provide an adoption program, investigation of cruelty reports, humane education, assistance to community animal caregivers and run a dedicated, low-cost spay/ neuter clinic. We also lobby the Government and local municipals for humane treatment of animals and harsher penalities for perpetrators of crimes against animals. Founded in 1958, SPCA is a well-respected and trusted Non-Profit Organisation. Over the years, the organisation has gained tremendous goodwill, recognition and support from animal lovers all over Malaysia

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2. UndiMsia

Check them out here:

3. Befrienders Malaysia

Let us introduce ourselves to you about who Befrienders are. People call us for many reasons,
some callers are people who need emotional support.
Others may be frightened, angry, sad, lonely or depressed. Callers talk to us about their families,
their jobs, their personal relationships, money problems, sickness, depression and school concerns and etc.

If you feel is more comfortable by not giving your name when you call, it is alright.

Whatever your situation is, we will treat your feelings and your story with respect. Everything you tell us is confidential within The Befrienders, we will not keep any records. We promise you this. You will always have the right to make your own decisions, including
the right to end the phone call.

If you are feeling like you have no one else to turn to, or if you just need a safe place to talk, please call us. We are always here to listen, you are not alone.

Check them out here:

4. Reef Check Malaysia 

A non-profit organization, Reef Check’s mission is to:
• Educate the public and governments about the value of coral reefs and the crisis facing them?
• Create a global network of volunteer teams, trained and led by scientists, that regularly monitor and report on reef health using a standard method?
• Facilitate collaborative use of reef health information by community groups, governments, universities and businesses to design and implement ecologically sound and economically sustainable solutions?
• Stimulate local action to protect remaining pristine reefs and rehabilitate damaged reefs worldwide??

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5. OrphanCARE 

OrphanCARE  aims to help change society’s mindset towards orphans, recognizing that children should not be left permanently in orphanages which should really only be ‘transit points’ before they are placed with families who can bring them up in a proper family structure.

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6. Sisters In Islam

Sisters in Islam (SIS) is an organization of Muslim women in Malaysia which seeks to articulate women’s rights in Islam by emphasising the need to interpret the Qur’an and the hadith in their proper historical and cultural contexts. 

Societal Vision: To be a progressive and democratic society that upholds freedom of expression, gender equality and social justice for all.

Organizational Vision: To be recognized as the national and global leader for gender equality and justice in Islam.

Mission: To promote the principles of gender equality , justice, freedom and dignity in Islam and empower women to be advocates for change.

Check them out here: 

7. Everyone Has Hope

Everyone Has Hope‘ is the second installment of See The World Through Our Eyes; a fund raising and photographic initiative by a group of staff and students from Taylor’s University College under the Canadian Pre-University (CPU) program attempting to bring to light the realities faced by the Burmese refugees living in transit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This is essentially a project that intends to expose what these refugees see every day through their photography. As part of the project, the youths (mostly ages thirteen – sixteen) will be taught the art of photography. This will be done through the help of local professional photographers and artists who will be coming to run workshops with the students. These youths are inherently inquisitive and creative, and we want to promote these qualities. We will be choosing pictures that stand as rare, revealing and sobering representations of life as a refugee child in Malaysia. We are not only looking for pictures that expound despair, but those that also illustrate the victory of humanity over harsh times; all in all, a novel and exciting exhibition.

The ultimate goal of this project is to allow these youths to have a voice, build invaluable skills, and raise money for organizations that are helping refugees here in Malaysia. Incited with concern from this increase awareness, only the citizens of Malaysia can collectively pressure parties in power to implement more humane and coherent policies in dealing with refugees.

Check them out here:

8. Women’s Aid Organisation

WAO opened Malaysia’s first Refuge for abused women and their children in 1982.


To create a society that is free of violence against women


To promote and create respect, protection and fulfillment of equal rights for women. To work towards the elimination of discrimination against women, and to bring about equality between women and men.


The fundamental belief of Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) is that no one deserves to be battered. We believe that all human beings have the right to self determination and should have control over the conditions that shape their lives.


  1. To provide on request to women and their children suffering from mental, physical and sexual abuse, temporary refuge services that empower and enable them to determine their own future.
  2. To offer emotional and social support to any women who request for it, resident or otherwise, and offer support and after-care.
  3. To undertake and encourage research into any of the factors that contribute to the inequality and subordination of women.
  4. To undertake and advocate with government and non-government organisations the eradication of factors that contribute to the inequality and subordination of women through law, policy and institutional reforms.
  5. To create an awareness and better understanding among individuals, public and relevant agencies on the issues of violence against women and the underlying inequalities.

Check them out here:

9. WWF Malaysia

WWF-Malaysia is a national conservation trust that currently runs more than 75 projects covering a diverse range of environmental protection and nature conservation work in Malaysia.

Since 1972, WWF-Malaysia has worked on important conservation projects, from saving endangered species such as tigers and turtles, to protecting our highland forests, rivers and seas. WWF-Malaysia is able to leverage upon conservation expertise worldwide as part of WWF, the global conservation organisation.

WWF-Malaysia’s early work focused on scientific research of wildlife and important natural habitats. This later expanded to the management of protected areas. Today, our work covers the broader issues of the natural environment, incorporating such aspects as policy work, environmental education, public awareness and campaigns.

Check them out here:

10. Malaysian Social Research Institute

The Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI) is a non governmental/profit organisation established in 1959. The purpose of the institute was to produce and publish world-class academic scholarship. The people involved with MSRI then – Pendita Za’aba, Dr. Ishak Muhammad (Pak Sako) to name but a few – were at the forefront of progressive Malaysian writing, and MSRI’s journal Intisari was one of the first research journals dedicated to the idea of ‘leaving the walled-in and secure yesterday to analyse today and the forces that mould our society’, published for an educated general readership.

Many in Malaya then felt that Islam has had a pervasive influence, but little or nothing has been published on the subject. Pendita Za’aba was the first Chairman of this research group that literally survived on its member’s own pocket money and what little funds they managed to solicit from the public to support the work.

Since its inception MSRI has moved forward to publish the result of its research and commence further research. All the books published by MSRI, as parts of our moral obligations, were donated to secondary schools all over Malaysia.

Check them out here:

11. Green Party of Malaysia (Azlan Adnan)

Uniting Green Malaysians to Ensure our Collective Future and for our Unborn Generations

To give political clout to ENGOs and to push the green agenda into the Malaysian political consciousness.

Fifty-odd years after independence from British colonial rule, Malaysian politics has now reached the stage whereby race-based political parties no longer have any relevance or valid currency.

In the past fifty plus years, race-based politics has proven to be divisive and unhealthy for our nation. This is because the issue of race has become increasingly irrelevant in the emerging political landscape of Malaysia. Politicians who play the racial card will soon find themselves with no followers, or cronies, either, for that matter.

The GREEN PARTY OF MALAYSIA is a soon-to-be-registered political party that seeks to unite all Malaysians under the banner of environmentalism. I’d initially called this proposed political party an alliance because we intend to unite and give political clout to all the Environmental NGOs (ENGOs) in Malaysia ~ embracing the whole spectrum of environmental ideologies from deep ecology, preservation, conservation, sustainable development, and etc.

Check them out here:

12. Malaysiakini (Steven Gan)

Malaysiakini is unique in the Malaysian context as it is one of the few independent media organisations in Malaysia. It is not linked to any political party or commercial interest. It is owned by founders Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran, investors Media Development Loan Fund and the Malaysiakini current and former staff.

Launched on November 20th, 1999, offers daily news and views in English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil, delivering over 40 million page views and 1 million hours of reading time to over 2 million absolute unique visitors (Google Analytics, Jan 2012).

As of July 2008, Malaysiakini became the most read news website and the most popular Malaysian website (

Malaysiakini’s editorial position is built on fast, accurate and independent news, and well informed and diverse views.

Our editorial position is consistently supportive of justice, human rights, democracy, freedom of speech and good governance.

Check them out here:

13. Centre For Independent Journalism

The Centre for Independent Journalism, Malaysia (CIJ) is a non-profit organisation that aspires for a society that is democratic, just and free where all peoples will enjoy free media and the freedom to express, seek, and impart information.

In summary, CIJ strives to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Promote and defend the exercise of freedom of expression
  • Ensure good policies and advocating legislative change
  • Raise public awareness on freedom of expression/information to mobilise support for media freedom, expression and access to information
  • Facilitating marginalised voices through community media

Check them out here:

14. Seksualiti Merdeka

Seksualiti Merdeka is an annual sexuality rights festival held in Kuala Lumpur, and represents a coalition of Malaysian NGOs (incl. Malaysian Bar Council, SUARAM, Empower, PT Foundation, United Nations, Amnesty International) and individuals. Apart from the annual festival, we also organise workshops, talks, film screenings, letter writings. Merdeka is Malaysia’s Independence Day, so Seksualiti Merdeka means “Sexuality Independence”. We use this term to highlight the fact that even all these years after our independence, not all Malaysians are free to be who they are.

We believe that everyone in Malaysia deserves to be free from discrimination, harassment and violence for their sexual orientations and their gender identities. We believe it is our right to be responsible for our own body. We believe everyone is entitled to the freedom to love and the freedom to be, whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersexed, straight, asexual, pansexual, or simply fabulous.

Check them out here:

15. Ms. Yvonne Foong Ming Niang

Yvonne Foong is a 26-year old writer and motivational speaker whose childhood dream is to assist humanity. She is the author of “I’m not sick, just a bit unwell – Life with Neurofibromatosis” as well as the winner of two scholarships and three social recognition awards. Yvonne is currently working on establishing a public charitable foundation to assist other Malaysians battling Neurofibromatosis. The charitable foundation of her dreams will be named A Celebration of Life.

Check her out here:



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