NGOs’/Keynote Speakers’ Workshop Topics


Topic: Stray Management

SPCA Humane Education Officer will providing a talk and open discussion on how the public can help us help the stray population in general. The talk will include ways to manage the strays, and why it is important to reduce the numbers of homeless animals.


Topic: Uniting People for the Planet

An overview of WWF-Malaysia’s conservation work, including sustainability and biodiversity conservation. Focus on Earth Hour and the “Live Green” towards more sustainable lifestyles pledge and how youths can add the power of their voice to saving our living planet.

Women’s Aid Organisation

Topic: Impact on Domestic Violence

Identify type of domestic violence, cycle of violence and impact on domestic violence.

Green Party of Malaysia (Mr. Azlan Adnan)

Topic: Our Collective Future

In his 40-minute talk, Azlan will give concrete, pragmatic and practical examples on how we can modify, adapt or otherwise change our lifestyle in order to ensure our collective future. By “our future,” he is not referring to the future of any particular race or ethnic group, or even Malaysians in general; not even merely the collective future of merely the human race, but the future of all living things on the planet. For the human species to survive, we need also preserve all species ~ from both the plant and animal kingdoms ~ with which we have biotic associations. Adopting LOHAS ~ Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability ~ is one way forward.

Malaysiakini (Mr. Steven Gan)

Topic: Virtual democracy: The Malaysiakini story

The only democratic space left in Malaysia is cyberspace. Indeed, with the advent of the Internet, the government can no longer have complete monopoly on truth.

While the government holds true to its dark reputation of keeping the media on a short leash with a coterie of repressive laws, it has nevertheless decided not to do the same with the Internet.

This loophole has been exploited by fledging online news website Malaysiakini. Since its inception in late 1999, Malaysiakini has registered over 250,000 visitors a day, putting it in league with major media organisations.

It has achieved this without spending a single cent on publicity and marketing, and with a team of a handful of overworked and underpaid journalists.

Its phenomenon success indicates that the government-controlled mainstream media have lost so much credibility that a growing number of Malaysians are seeking alternative news on the Internet.

What are the lessons to be learnt from the Malaysiakini experience? Can the Malaysiakini model be replicated in other countries, especially those with authoritarian regimes? More important, can it survive financially?

Reef Check Malaysia

Topic: Ecosystems and you: why should you care?

The workshop will be an introduction to the underwater world. What corals and coral reefs are, where they can be found, what is their importance to us in terms of ecosystem services, what the major issues coral reefs are facing today, how we are contributing to their decline and of course, what we can do to save the reefs.

Mr. Willie Poh Kaw Lik [KEYNOTE SPEAKER]

Topic: Are we getting the education we need?

Everyone agrees that education is the key to improving the economic well-being of entire populations of people. However, as the diversity of the classroom increases rapidly, is education adapting? And ultimately, is education in its current state doing the right thing by our young generation? What kind of change is possible, and why is it needed? These are some of the issues that will be explored in this talk.

The Befrienders KL

Topic: How can we help – A Cry for Help

We will cover an overview of Befrienders service; emotional support and suicide prevention, and helping a friend in need.


Topic: Democracy & Malaysia (#IdolaDemokrasi teaser)

Hasbeemasputra Abu Bakar will be talking about the power structure and lines of influence and power between the state and the people, using visual aids, and trying to contextually what kind of democracy we have.

Everyone Has Hope

Title: Refugee Rights

Who is a refugee?

Ever wonder how is it like to be a refugee living in Malaysia?

How does it feel like to wake up in the morning knowing that you have to live in fear every day?

Have you ever imagined how different your life would be if you were being rejected to receive public education?

Why is this an issue? And why should we average Malaysians care?

In this 40-minute session, Carley and Sabrina will guide you through the importance of refugee rights, and explain to you about some of the difficult situations that refugees living in Malaysia have to go through each day.
At the end of our session, our workshop attendees should be able to understand the reasons why refugees living in Malaysia should be recognized, and realize how these refugees are never far different than us.
Come to our workshop and find out why you should care and how you can help!

Seksualiti Merdeka (Mr. Pang Khee Teik)

Title: Don’t Be Afraid of Your Body

We are afraid of ourselves. We are afraid of our feelings, of our feelings of love, of being overwhelmed by these feelings, of being rejected, of being hurt. We are afraid of being alone. We are afraid of our bodies and how they sometimes seem to defeat us. So we end up taking very severe advice in order to manage our bodies and our desires. Sometimes these advises translate into a greater fear of our own bodies and feelings. Then we also become afraid of other people’s bodies and feelings. Learning to understand yourself goes a long way towards understanding other people. We may love different people, but our hearts break the same ways. It is time we learn to protect each other’s hearts.

Ms. Yvonne Foong Ming Niang

Title: How to turn challenges into stepping stones.


Every one of us is facing some kind of life challenges. Every one of us have dreams too. Sometimes,  our challenges could seem so insurmountable that we dare not believe in ever achieving our dreams. Yet, it is possible so long as we recognize challenges as opportunities. But how?

During this 40-minute session, I would like to share with you how I have been battling a genetic disorder that causes tumors to continuously grow in my brain and along the spinal cord, tirelessly raising funds for surgeries to preserve my life, yet I have managed to turn life’s greatest challenge – the challenge of survival – into stepping stones to achieve my dreams and learn precious life lessons in spite of everything.

By sharing my story, I hope to encourage and inspire others to never give up their individual dreams.

Centre For Independent Journalism

Title: So You Want to be a Journalist?

What is it like to work for a media organisation? What are the challenges faced by reporters and photographers who write about or record images of news-worthy events? What challenges are faced by journalists on the ground? In this interactive session, participants get to put themselves in the shoes of a journalist and “run” a media house — for 40 minutes anyway. Those attending this workshop will learn about legal, economic and other challenges faced by media and media workers in Malaysia, in a fun and hands-on way.


Title: Refugees’ Long Journey

A briefing on the situation of refugees around the world, then more specifically on the SEA and then finally narrowing it down to the situation in Malaysia. This part will include the job that MSRI is providing to refugees through the SSC and regarding volunteering to support those in need. After which a refugee will provide some insight on the several problems that refugees face in Malaysia.

Sisters In Islam

Title: What’s with polygamy (ada apa dengan poligami).

Ms. Syarifatul Adibah and Ms. Noorulhuda will not only touch on polygamy but other issues pertaining to Islamic Family Law reform in Malaysia and how does it affects not only to Muslim but people of other faith as well.


Title: Every child needs a family

OrphanCARE’s mission which is to give every orphan and abandoned baby the love, care and security of a family in accordance with our tagline “Every child needs a family”.

The baby hatch is aimed at discouraging baby abandonment. Many of those who abandon their babies are young and resort to such extreme acts because of the social stigma and legal implications of having children out of wedlock and compounded by a feeling of hopelessness due to not knowing whom to turn to. OrphanCARE is here to provide them a safe avenue as well as assurance of utmost confidentiality.
OrphanCARE’s founding objective of getting older children out of orphanages and into loving homes was the first of its kind. No institution can replace a family and research shows that children growing up in orphanages lack a nurturing environment. They suffer emotional and physical neglect, are socially inhibited and at the age of eighteen are forced to leave with little or no social support. With most childless couples preferring to adopt newborns or very young children, the adoption of older children is no easy task.


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