It had been the most tiring day for the all of the HUO8 crews. In the end it REALLY DID pay off, just like Mr. Colin promised.

And GUESS WHAT? We managed to raise RM 6750 for the conference! 🙂 All the money raised will be given to the NGOs who conducted workshops at the conference.

On behalf of the HUO8 committee, we would like to say thank you to all of those who participated in this amazing event!

Thank you to all of the respective NGOs who made it to the conference day!!
– Befrienders Malaysia
– Sisters in Islam
– Seksualiti Merdeka
– Reef Check Malaysia
– Everyone Has Hope Project
– Women’s Aid Organization
– Green Party of Malaysia
– Malaysiakini
– Center for Independent Journalism
– Malaysian Social Research Institute
– OrphanCare
– Heart4Hope
Thank you to Mr. Willie Poh Kaw Lik and Mr. Paul Jambunathan for coming to the conference and giving all of us a very interesting, inspiring and educational talk for all of us to take home!

Special thanks to the Taylor’s CAL students and past conference veterans for being great advisers and helpers to the HUO8 committee, we really wouldn’t have pulled it off without you guys!

Thank you to all Taylor’s College students and staffs for supporting us all the way throughout these past few months! Many thanks to the Divisional Marketing and Administration staffs for the helping us on the advertisement! as well as the technicians and cleaners over at the campus.

For all of those who participated the conference day, thank you so much for being very supportive and patient throughout the whole day! Awesome people!

Thank you, Mr. Colin, for seeing us succeed in your final Hear Us Out conference here in Malaysia! Thank you for being a great mentor and adviser to all of us! We promise that we would continue to pass the Hear Us Out legacy for the next generation of Taylor’s College students!

Finally, the HUO8 committee would like to apologize for all of the mistakes that might have let you down.

Thank you.


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